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On View Now "Union"
Extended through December 11th!!  Saturday 12-4 PM, Tue- Fri by appointment.
Union James Alberto.jpg

It reads like a tale from a Modern Love column.  Some six years ago, writer and cultural icon Gareth Branwyn met artist Angela White at one of Otis Street Arts Project’s jam-packed openings.  And now, on that very spot, they were wed. 


Their love story is the inspiration for the concurrent show at Otis Street Art Project,  entitled UNION (When Two Makes One).


UNION is a collaborative show exploring the concept of the third entity, when 1+1 makes one.  It is what Branwyn calls the “magical child” that is created whenever humans come together to form a new kind of union.


In UNION, we see the results of eight pairs of artists coming together to create a single work that expresses each artist individually, and the artwork being the “magical child” made by both. 


The show also celebrates the artists resilience to create during a pandemic.  Some how each pair found ways to communicate their ideas, and ways to create the art…safely and vibrantly.  It emphasizes the optimistic hope that we are not alone and that by working collaboratively, we actually create more.  


The artists paired together are:

Eames Armstrong - Rania Hassan

Megan B-Chriss - Bradley Chriss

Travis Childers - Jenna North

Alonzo Davis - Mimi Frank

Maribeth Egan - Rob Parrish 

 Alberto Gaitán - James Huckenpahler

Zofie King - Kyujin Lee

Armando López Bircann - Carolina Mayorga

Jessica van Brakle - Zac Willis

Simon Void Boy - Blake Maloof